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Speed sped-up (2008) 

The choreography derives from a pas de deux that concentrates on a ‘core’ passage, a partnership that is completely interdependent as the dancers interconnectedness becomes vital to their co-existence and comments on the socio-political nature of a shared planet (based on the belief that we cannot exist without each other).  Once the movement vocabulary is analyzed in detail and learned by each couple, it becomes a shared resource where we can then begin to enter into tempo variations performing the same series repeated at radically different speeds. For us the interest lies in the same information generating new meanings each time it is presented. 


The results are dramatic, and also surprising. Idiosyncratic adaptations become apparent and the difference between each couple helps to describe and magnify their uniqueness. Seemingly in spite of, but actually due to the extremely mechanical creative approach, each cycle produces a distinctive character, and evokes its own narrative and emotional associations. Ironically, the more rigorously the performers adhere to the mechanical structure of the cycles, the more dramatic are the results. The logic driving the performance of this work will be to minimize, as far as possible, all expressive impulses, and adhere, machine-like, to the sequence of postures in the choreography. In this way, we hope to expose the theatricality and emotional nuance of everyday life. 

Duration of Work: 55 minutes

Choreographer:  Suzanne Miller
Music:  Allan Paivio
Dancers:  Magali Stoll, Karsten Kroll (Canada) Cecilia Appleton and Yseye Appleton (Mexico)
Lighting design:  Francisco Munoz (Mexico)
Costumes:  Suzanne Miller

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