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The Company

Suzanne Miller and Allan Paivio, a choreographer and composer team directs a dance company dedicated to the art of collaboration.  They take performance and question its representation and mediation. Immediacy and transformation are central to their work.  Using the body as a starting place, their corporeal lived experience attempts to expand the personal to the level of cultural discourse.  They commemorate forebears’ and invoke ancestral and artistic lineage attempting to create allegories that activate and revive a social consciousness.

Suzanne Miller  

choreographer - dancer - teacher - collaborator

“I am interested in the body as a rich resource whereby experience is embodied on a cellular level and creative potentialities are expressed.  My work reflects a deep respect towards my forebears, their influence and my need to define a singular voice. I aspire towards authenticity and delve into unknown territory exploring the multifaceted dimensions of ‘self’ in order to reveal something new in relation to past work and the world around me.“

Allan N Paivio​

composer- musician - teacher - collaborator

"As a musician and composer I have evolved a practice that explores live music and electroacoustic processes.  By maintaining a traditional and improvisational practice - studying violin, rhythm and extended voice techniques, I can physically integrate my body and spirit to communicate more fully with dance.  Electroacoustic processes on the other hand, allow for a level of contemplation - a distance, where the sound object can be meticulously sculpted and framed as a cultural sign.  In a given work, I often blend these two realms of sound creation."

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