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Courses in Music: Violin, Percussion and Composition

with Allan Paivio 

​open to all levels


tel 514.746.0342




Using MUSIC as a focus provides a basis for integrating concepts and language that are connected to physical actions in producing both music/sound and dance/movement. 

In creating a structured environment based in rhythm/beat, (playing tam tam, percussion ) melody (singing and playing simple pitch instruments) and moving through play and dance, children engage in fun activities that help build confidence, self-expression, music literacy. and at the same time, develop tools that will assist them in many aspects of life and learning.

My teaching practice explores and learns with the students.   We discover music and sound together through active participation. Through the tam tam and percussion – through singing and  vocal expressions  - by playing sounds from the world around us and learning songs I create a fun and creative experience that is always active and participatory. Establishing meter and rhythm establishes a structure that naturally grows into melody and  harmony. We work in groups to learn and play together and to ultimately celebrate music, sound and the world around us.

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