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Blood Relative (1996)

Blood Relative (I wish you long life)  the acclaimed dance work by Montreal choreographer Suzanne Miller and composer Allan Paivio has toured extensively throughout Canada, The United States and represented Canada and Québec at two International Dance Festivals in Wurzburg Germany and at Projekt Dance'98 in Munich.

The dance is performed on a mirrored surface ( 30 ft x 8 ft) where the solo performer (Miller) explores and confronts her reflected image.  The kaleidoscopic passage of the transforming doubled image of the dancer enters into a narcissistic duet of the human psyche. The use of metaphorical sounds play up both the physicality of the movement and the mythic nature of the narratives that are explored.

Choreographer:  Suzanne Miller

Composer:  Allan Paivio
Dancers:  Suzanne Miller
Lighting:  Philippe Dupeyroux
Concept and Set design: Suzanne Miller & Allan Paivio

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