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Anthology (2002)

Anthology is a series of solos defined through a collection as a means to gather, identify and protect its content though archival and representational pursuits. The solos express diversity through practices akin to minimalism, spectacle and virtual space. “the death between two arcs” (José Limon), is an image he used which describes the place between suspension and release - the foundation for modern dance technique. Its atmosphere belongs to the world of discovery.  Used as a metaphor, the dancer walks the dividing line of a piano string and transforms the theatre into a musical instrument. The video projection contains hundreds of photograms of organic plants and seeds which comprise the celestial Night Sky in relation to everyday objects of tools. Animated they form a cosmic ground for the dance.

Choreographer/performer: Suzanne Miller
Composer/sound designer: Allan Paivio


"Messiah" – Georg Friedrich Handel

"Song of Joy" – Ludwig van Beethoven
Violinist:  Linling Hsu
Cellist:  Rebecca Wenham
Costume:  Suzanne Miller
Visual Artist and Set Design: David Miller
Art Technologist: Andrew Brouse
Lighting Design: Paul Caskey

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